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Radon Reduction 101

So your house has tested high for radon. What will the process of reducing radon look like? If you are planning to reduce the radon in your home but don't know where to start keep reading. We are going to go through the steps of a radon reduction.

The Radon reduction Bid

The first thing you want to do if you test high for radon is contact a professional radon mitigator. Here at reliable we will provide a free radon reduction bid to create a personalized game plan for your home. This bid will include price, expected time of the job, along with other details on the job.

Scheduling Your Radon Reduction

Once you have accepted the bid you can call us at 302-993-9100 to schedule a good date for your reduction.

The Radon Reduction

In most cases the radon reduction will take between 4 and 8 hours. During your reduction, a radon professional will attach a radon reduction fan to either the side of your home or in your attic. This fan will pull radon out from under the home and safely expel the gas above the eave of the roof. All visible radon entry points such as cracks and french drains will be sealed to prevent reentry.

Post Reduction Test

After your radon reduction you should have your home tested to ensure the job is done. We offer a free radon post reduction test. The test will last a few days during which all exterior windows and doors must remain shut with exception to exiting and entering the home. You will receive your results the same day as pick up.

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