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What is a Home Inspection?



A home inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house from the roof to the foundation. A Digital Electronic report with color photos developed on site will be delivered the same day.


In order to prepare the report, a home inspector must conduct a visual inspection of the house. The home inspection process typically takes about two to three hours to complete. This may vary, according to the size and condition of the home.


We will inspect all the structural elements and systems of the home. Items that will typically be included in an inspection are:


  • Framing (structure)

  • Roof and attic

  • Foundation

  • Walls

  • Electrical system

  • Plumbing system

  • Heating and air conditioning systems

  • Kitchen

  • Bathrooms


We can also inspect additional items and systems unique to a particular home.



When we complete the inspection, we'll tell you of any problems discovered and discuss them with you. We will also tell you about any routine maintenance that should be performed to keep the home and it's systems in top condition, as well as answer any questions you may have. You'll also receive a full computer generated with color photo of the inspection. After the inspection the inspector will be available to answer questions and give advice during the entire time you own this home.

Before you schedule your inspection based on price alone, you should know a lot about the company you will be hiring.  How long have they been in business, what are there reviews on Google, do they bring ladders to the job site.  Can they do everything we need, radon testing, the termite inspection (wdi), mold testing, lead testing, water testing, etc.


The purpose of a home inspection is to determine if there are any Major Problems with any of the structural or mechanical systems of the home, which could significantly affect the value of the property.  As your inspector goes through his procedure he will uncover many minor problems as well.  After the actual inspection portion of the work is complete, your inspector will review the inspection report with you and point out the significance of each item he reports.


A home inspection is an educational experience for our customers.  We strongly encourage you to accompany the inspector during the inspection. This will give you a chance to ask questions and become familiar with the systems of the home.

If you cannot attend the inspection, we will be glad to review the findings via telephone after the inspection.  We highly recommend you attend the inspection so we can answer your questions in front of the item.


There are many benefits to attending and participating in the home inspection.  First, You can learn the operation and condition of the systems in your home, you can learn about the maintenance that your property might require.  You will learn how to shut the water off and where other major plumbing shutoff valves and system controls are located. Your inspector can educate you on how to shut off the power and gas.  You'll also learn how to change the filters on your HVAC system, etc. If the inspector observes any problems, you can see them first hand.  This can make the answers to your questions easier to understand.


Unfortunately, it isn't always possible for the customer to attend the inspection. If you can't be at the property for the entire inspection (2 - 3 hours), try to arrive at the end of the inspection so the inspector can review the findings with you and you can ask questions. If you can't attend at all, after you get a copy of the report, call the inspector and they will be happy to review the report with you.


Once more, we encourage you to attend the inspection if at all possible. 

Home Inspectors that Walk the Roof

We Walk

the Roof!

Does your home have a roof? 

Do you want it walked if possible? Does your home inspector own ladders tall enough to get on the roof? 

If your inspector shows up without

ladders, chances are he did not plan on walking the roof, even if he or she could.

Chimney inspection

Could this old un-lined

chimney have been seen if the roof was not walked?


Our goal is to discover and inform you of anything we find that might affect your purchase decision.


Learn how to choose a home inspector and how to prepare for a home inspection.


The best way to ensure that you are

well informed about the strengths

and weaknesses of a property is

with a Reliable Home Inspection Service, Inc. professional home inspection.

Reliable inspectors are selected,

trained and monitored,

not self-appointed.


We do offer a variety of

discounts, so be sure to call

our office for pricing!

Not all roofs can be walked, although most can.


Wood, Stone, or Metal or unusual or extremely steep roofs may not be able to be walked. Please inform us if you are purchasing a home with this type of roof.


Reliable Home Inspection Service has 3 licensed drone pilots on staff.

For no additional cost,  Reliable can use it's drone services to do a high-resolution drone roof inspection. 


Learn More about the Drone

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