Flipped Homes Need an Inspection







Exhaust Fan.PNG

The exhaust fan terminates into a bucket

under the stove.  Ideally, the fan should terminate to the exterior of the home.


A current leak was noted when the dishwasher was run and should be repaired/replaced.


Some mold and mildew was noted in the crawl space and should be evaluated and cleaned by qualified personnel.

Crawl Space Drainage - Float should be adjusted and free from sticking to drain sooner and recommend a cover.

Attic Entry Access - Damaged and missing hardware was noted and recommend that stairs be replaced.

Crawl Space Ceiling Joist - Wood boring insect damage was evident.  It should be evaluated by a pest control contractor and a structural engineer to determine extent of damage and make any repairs or treatments as required.


Crawl Space Foundation Walls - Some cracks and water penetration noted.  Termite shelter tubes noted.  The entire structural condition should be evaluated by a structural contractor or engineer and any needed repairs made.


Crawl Space Insulation - Some Insulation limited inspection, insulation is installed upside down, missing sections were noted, some insulation had been wet and should be replaced, tears in bottom covering of home expose insulation.  All should be evaluation and repaired as needed,

Exposed Foundation - Some cracks noted. Area at rear side of the building - the Foundation extends beyond the building flashing to be installed in this area to prevent water penetration under the building. Damaged areas of foundation noted in should be repaired.

Soffit/Fascia - No vents were noted. Improperly installed wrap will trap water.  Rot noted all soffit and fascia and exterior wrap should be evaluated and repaired.  All exterior wood should be evaluated by qualified contractor and all needed repairs should be made.

Siding - Foam insulation extends below the siding and does not cover all wood on the exterior of the building particularly on the rear and should be evaluated and repair all siding.

Cooling System - Unit loud on rear in defrost mode and should be evaluated and repaired.

Main Water Shut Off - Active leak at the incoming service and should be evaluated and repaired.

Crawl Space Foundation Walls - Brick Foundation walls sagging, missing mortar joints and missing large bows and entire structural condition should be evaluated by structural contractor or engineer and all the repairs made.

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