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Commonly Asked Questions

When should I book my Pre-Drywall Inspection?

The Pre-drywall Inspection should be done after the close- in inspection from the government inspector and before the insulation and drywall is installed. Ideally, the Pre-Drywall Inspection with us will take place one to two days prior to your Pre-Drywall walkthrough with the builder.


When should I book for Final Inspection for New Construction?

The final inspection should be done close to you taking possession (closing) on the home.  All systems and appliances should be installed and working.  The paper covering over flooring should be removed and the home should look completely finished. Ideally, the Final Inspection with us will take place one to two days prior to your Final walkthrough with the builder.


*It is important that the builder is made aware that you are going to have an outside independent inspector for a 2 part inspection series, pre-drywall inspection and finish product inspection. 


We will need permission from the builder to be on site.  Some builders do require insurance certificates and we can provide documents with 48  hours notice.*



I want to book a New Construction Home Inspection but construction has just started, what should I do?

Please give our office a call at 877-993-9100 and our staff will be happy to provide information about the New Construction Home Inspection Process, answer any questions and provide you with locked in quotes for each of your inspections. We ask that you have the approximate square footage of your new home, number of bedrooms and number of HVAC units  available so we may provide accurate quotes. We'll also be able to send you everything in writing along with any additional document your builder may require.


How do I book a stand alone service that is not a Home Inspection?

*Including Mold testing, Water Testing, Radon Testing or Mitigation, WDI (Termite Inspections) or Lead Paint Inspections*

Stand alone environmental services & testing without a Home Inspection CANNOT be booked online. Please give our office a call at 877-993-9100 and a member of our staff will be happy to set you up with an appointment.

Should I attend my home inspection?

YES! We highly encourage attending your Home Inspection if you are able too. We find clients benefit well from being there in-person with their Home Inspection, being able to ask questions and see the defects within the home while there with the Home Inspector.


When do I get my home inspection report?

Home Inspection reports and WDI reports are sent to you via email the same day as long as payment has been received in full and the Home Inspection Agreement has been signed. Radon tests take a minimum of 2 business days to be completed.


How do I pay if I cannot attend the Home Inspection?

If you cannot attend, an invoice for the amount in full will be sent to your email via Square. Payment is due before reports can be released the day of the inspection. We also require you to sign a Home Inspection Agreement as well; this will be sent to you via DocuSign. Once both items are completed, your reports will be released immediately upon completion. 


I've sent in my online booking request for an inspection, now what?

A member of our staff will review your appointment request for property accuracy, the requested appointment time and verify that all necessary information is present. We will send an updated confirmation within one business day for your appointment.


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