Large Scale Radon Testing

HUD Required Testing

From multi-unit residential radon testing to large commercial office spaces or industrial sites, we have you covered!


Radon Bid and design work is available for testing procedures for both Hud and AARNST standards.


We have tested 490 unit apartment buildings and commercial buildings with a basement as large as 95,000 square feet!


When HUD is involved, there are two standards used for large scale buildings.  At Reliable, we are capable of designing programs to meet both sets of requirements, clearing the way for your HUD financing.

We can help design the testing program and get results quickly, smaller projects can be done with our equipment or we can ramp up to do as much as you need on your schedule by using outside testing equipment and lab.


We have 5 listed testers on staff so no project is too big. We do testing in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.