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What's included in a home inspection?

How long does a home inspection take?

A home inspection typically takes between 2 1/2 to 3 hours, depending upon the size of the home. We suggest that you attend the inspection and if possible, leave small children with a sitter so that you can follow the inspector closely and ask questions about his findings.

What is the average cost of a home inspection?

An average cost of a home inspection is between $400 and $500 depending upon the size and if the home has any additional items (ex:  more than one HVAC, in-law suite, etc.)

Does the home inspection include a termite inspection?

The WDI (termite) inspection is a separate inspection than the home inspection.   Our home inspectors are trained to provide termite inspections and can provide a termite inspection at the same of the inspection at an additional cost.

What will the home inspection report look like?  You can see a sample of our home inspection report (click here) which includes a summary report and detailed report listing major defects, safety concern, service and repair and maintenance.

How long after the inspection should I receive the report?  We deliver our reports on-site so at the end of the inspection,your inspector will review the report with you on a computer screen and email to you.

   Radon Questions

Q: How long does a radon inspection take?

A: If you're getting any kind of home inspection  the radon inspection won't add a significant amount of time. But if the radon inspections occurs without a home inspection please allow our qualified professionals up to an hour.

Q: How long does the radon test take?

A: The radon test takes 48 hours, after that an environmental technician will pick up the tests.

Q: Do the results need to go to a lab?

A: No, we can read the results in our office!

Q: When will I get the results of my radon test?

A: The same day the technician goes to pick them up! (95% of the time, if it's a particularly late pick up you may receive your results the next morning.)  

Q: If radon is radioactive, then are the devices used to test it also radioactive?

A: No, the electrets we use to test for radon are harmless. They are not radioactive.

Q: Will the devices hurt my children or my pets?

A: Nope! The electrets are harmless and its a passive test.

Q: Is there anything I need to do for the inspection?

A: Please keep the windows closed and the doors closed as much as possible for the duration of the 48hr test. 

   WDI Questions

Q: How long does a WDI inspection take?

A: A termite or Wood Destroying Insect inspection takes 30 min with a home inspection. Without a home inspection please allow 1 hour for the WDI inspection.

Q: Do I need to be there for my WDI inspection?

A: No, your inspector will take pictures of anything relevant. We do, however, encourage all of our customers to walk with us as we inspect the home so we can answer any and all questions you may have.

Q: I'm using a VA loan, do I have to get a WDI inspection in Delaware? In Pennsylvania? In Maryland?

A: That is a great question for your agent or lender, but unfortunately not one that we can answer.

Q: My house is new, why would I need this?

A: Insects find new wood tasty too. Also, if you're builder didn't treat your home for WDI you may be vulnerable.


Q: Is this part of a standard home inspection?

A: No, this is a separate service that you can get with or without a home inspection.  

Q: What happens if I do have an infestation?

A: Our inspector will give you an estimate of the treatments and their costs. We may also refer you to our sister company, Affordable Pest Control.

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