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Termites can cause extensive damage to a home when they go undetected! A timely termite inspection can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. It can be hard to spot a termite infestation. Termite colonies take 3 to 5 years to mature, which means they can colonize your home over that time.


During a Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) inspection the inspector will look at the interior and exterior areas of your home, checking for visible signs of a termite infestation.  Signs a home has termites include; droppings, broken wings, mud tubes, and damaged wood.


Your inspector will look for other pesky insects as well and each has its own signature of damage. The inspector will check baseboards, walls, windows, crawl spaces, door frames, inside cabinets, and closets.


Wood destroying inspection reports encompass 5 insects, subterranean termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, old house borer, and powder post beetle. This is an inspection often required by banks, regardless if it is required by your bank this inspection should be considered imperative for a home purchase. 

Think someone is chowing down on your new home? Setup your WDI today!

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How long does a WDI inspection take?

A: A termite or Wood Destroying Insect inspection takes 30 min with a home inspection. Without a home inspection please allow 1 hour for the WDI inspection.

Q: Do I need to be there for my WDI inspection?

A: No, your inspector will take pictures of anything relevant. We do, however, encourage all of our customers to walk with us as we inspect the home so we can answer any and all questions you may have.

Q: I'm using a VA loan, do I have to get a WDI inspection in Delaware? In Pennsylvania? In Maryland?

A: That is a great question for your agent or lender, but unfortunately not one that we can answer.

Q: My house is new, why would I need this?

A: Insects find new wood tasty too. Also, if you're builder didn't treat your home for WDI you may be vulnerable.


Q: Is this part of a standard home inspection?

A: No, this is a separate service that you can get with or without a home inspection.  

Q: What happens if I do have an infestation?

A: Our inspector will give you an estimate of the treatments and their costs. We may also refer you to our sister company, Affordable Pest Control.

Q: I have more questions!

A: Great! We have more answers here on our FAQ Page.  And if you still have questions don't hesitate to give us a call


Examples of Insect Damage

Powder Post Beetle holes in a support beam
Borer beetle holes in an old house
Exterior carpenter ant damage
Termite damage in Delaware home
Extensive termite damage
Termite mud tube
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