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Commercial Building Inspections

Residential, Warehouses, Retail Space & More!

Modern Office Building

           Reliable Home Inspection Service specializes in offering commercial inspections.  We have over 30 years experience inspecting retail spaces, apartment complexes, daycare centers, small and large office buildings/complexes.  

Homes and commercial buildings are not constructed in the same manner and require a different set of skills to inspect.  Many commercial buildings have complex electrical distribution systems, multiple central heating and cooling plants and a variety of construction materials and site conditions that require an experienced consultant to accurately conduct the assessment. 


We have performed hundreds of commercial building inspections in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Maryland and can provide you with a team of dedicated inspection specialists to assist you in your due diligence process. We have been providing commercial building inspections for commercial buildings from 1,000 square feet to over 75,000 square feet. Our portfolio of projects includes: churches, dental surgery facilities , retail space, industrial plants, multi-family, manufacturing, medical and managed care facilities, office, retail, hospitality and lodging facilities, restaurants, automotive, parking, and storage facilities.


We offer detailed commercial inspection reports for buyers, sellers and managers of commercial real estate. We offer flexible scheduling and timely delivery of reports to assist you in your due diligence process. 


A commercial building inspection provides a very important service in determining defects that may not have been disclosed and that potentially affect the value of your investment.  A commercial property inspection will provide the client with valuable insight into the true condition of the prospective property.  "Big ticket” items are generally negotiable, but only if you are aware of the age and condition. 

Commercial inspections along with large building radon testing, the team at Reliable has you covered in your next acquisition.

Commercial Property Inspection 101

Contact our office to receive your free, no obligation inspection quote. You'll need to provide specifics about the building including # of units (if residential), square footage, location of the HVAC units, # of buildings, age of the building, etc. Please be ready with your information so we may provide you with an exact quote and availability. Failure to provide this information may result in additional fees and/or cancellation of the inspection.

Most commercial inspections can be completed in one business day and the report can be sent to you within 24 hours in most cases.

The day of the inspection, we highly encourage you to attend if possible to get the most out of your inspection. 

Additional services such as Lead Paint Testing, Radon Testing, WDI inspection, Mold Testing or Water Testing can be added onto a Commercial Inspection (in most cases) for an additional fee. Please let us know if you'd be interested in additional services and we'll be happy to include them as part of your inspection quote.

large commercial building inspection
commercial building inspections
business building inspections

Whether you're buying a building, leasing, or just wondering about the condition of the one you're in, there is no better investment than obtaining a professional and objective opinion of the building's condition.  


Properties of all descriptions are evaluated, including:


                   - Large multi-unit residential

                   -  Industrial


                   -  Institutional


                   -  Retail 


                   -  Offices


                   -  Churches



Commercial Inspections break into Several Categories:


1 to 4 unit residential buildings these are typically inspected like a home every unit, every heater.


Mixed storefronts with residential will be inspected as above to exclude process equipment and associated systems. Sprinklers, elevators and very large roof systems may require outside specialists as part of the team approach to large building inspections. ADA compliance is outside of the scope of our inspection. Ada compliance is not part of our inspections on any size building.  We feel special attention should be paid to big ticket items such as roof, parking lot, complex heating and cooling equipment. We help you to understand how to organize your maintenance budget to make its best affect. 


Large Commercial and Industrial Sites - These buildings will typically fall under the team approach with elevators, sprinklers, roofing and other large systems to be evaluated by outside specialists as part of the team approach.


We typically prefer to see the whole building but in very large residential, or office settings limiting the scope of the inspection is the prerogative of the purchaser. We can put multiple inspectors in a building at a time allowing for faster service and the ability to work with tenant schedule. providing fast accurate information will allow the best use of a short due diligence period.

Recent Projects:


              -  Apartment Complexes

              -  Retail Strip Malls

              -  Office Buildings 


              -  Motorcycle Dealerships


              -  Restaurants


              -  Banks


              -  Churches/Cathedrals


              -  Funeral Homes


              -  Historic Buildings










church structural inspections
business inspections
195 W City AVE in PA Apartments
Office we inspected in Dover, DE
Office complex inspection

Dover, Delaware

Easton, Maryland


Please take a moment to review one of our commercial inspection sample reports here.

We take pride in helping our clients by providing them with the best inspection reports available. A significant amount of time is spent on every report in an effort to help our clients clearly communicate the defects. Reports are delivered electronically in PDF format and include color photos and a detailed description of the defect and recommendation for further evaluation (if necessary).

Our primary service area includes Delaware, southern Pennsylvania (Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County), Eastern Maryland (Cecil County).


If you would like to schedule an commercial building inspection or to request a proposal, please contact our office at 877-993-9100 or email us at  Please call and speak with the owner who spent his early career as a union electrician, involved in very large building projects and has completed the Carson Dunlap Commercial Inspection training.

ADA compliance is not part of our inspections on any size building.  

Interested in Learning More about a Commercial Reliable Home Inspection?
Contact our Office Today for Additional Information and Quotes:

Thank you for your interest in Reliable Home Inspection Service, for all your Inspection needs.

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