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Homebuyer tool: Housing Counseling Part 2

Where to find expert help in buying a home in this ‘ugh’ market

Greetings all!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some information about available housing counseling in the mid-Atlantic region. Today I’d like to continue that with local organizations we have experience with.

If you want to build your own home...

Habitat for Humanity (NCC)

We've been working with the New Castle County branch of Habitat for Humanity since 2019, helping with their home repair program.

For people who need a home to move into they have a program where you gain financial smarts and build your home and others with your own two hands! This is not an emergency housing option, it can take two years after approval for your home to be finished.

If you'd like to help out instead they're doing a Dine and Donate event at First State Brewing on December 13th. More information is available on their website.

Central Habitat for Humanity (Kent)

We just working with them this year! They operate independently of New Castle County Habitat, but offer the same programs to help improve financial literacy and build sweat equity. They also partner with another organization on this list, NeighborGood so if you're already started in one, you may get help from the other.

If you don't want to build your own home...

Interfaith Housing

They offer homebuyers and first-time homebuyer education opportunities. Going through their First-Time Homebuyer Group Education Workshop and gaining a certificate can help you qualify for down payment and settlement assistance. Group courses will be available for registry in 2023.

The online course takes 3 -4 hours in one sitting but can be taken at leisure over multiple sittings.

If you choose to attend one of their first-time homebuyer seminars you may see John Kerrigan, the owner of Reliable Home Inspection Service teaching! If you do, ask him questions, he loves answering questions!

NeighborGood Partners (formerly known as NCALL Research)

They were founded 46 years ago and started in research, but re-branded recently to better showcase their strong community involvement. We also offer free first-time homebuyer seminars with NeighborGood. They also find grant money for potential homeowners and offer assistance with navigating home loans.

If you're not trying to own a home yet, but want to be ready...

$tand By Me

We don't work with them directly (yet), but I came across them a few times when doing this week's research, and I've gotta mention them now. They work with Interfaith, Habitat for Humanity (New Castle), and NeighborGood. Their services are free and they offer all kinds of financial literacy and credit score assistance!

If you do want to buy a house their financial coaches will meet one-on-one with you and you may be eligible for a federal tax credit of $2,000 per year you own the home!

Seriously though, I may go sign up with these folks tonight, get my credit score game up!

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this helpful!

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