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Happy Turkey Day!

Hello all!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we've got food and festivities on our minds!

With that, here are some fun turkey facts:

  • Wild turkeys fly at up to 55mph over short distances.

  • A wild turkey can cover as much as a quarter of a mile in one flight.

See the full gallery:

  • Domesticated turkeys cannot fly because they've been bred for larger breasts, which are very strong, but don't help with flight!

  • Turkeys were first domesticated around 2,000 years ago.

  • Wild turkeys roost in trees.

So many!

  • Turkey was not served at the first Thanksgiving, but eel was!

  • Pumpkins were served, and they were stewed with vinegar and currants.

For more on these turkey related topics please check out:

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Lastly, we don’t do home inspections Thanksgiving day, but we are available other Thursdays! Click here for more on a Reliable Home Inspection

Thank you for reading!

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