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Fun things to do with your house in the winter

Hello all! This week I thought we’d do something fun, so here are some fun traditional things to do in or around your house in the winter.

  1. Make snowflakes - Whether with regular printer paper or with lovely special paper making creative snowflakes is a good time for the whole family!

2. Make a Gingerbread House - Make your own dream home complete with candy additions and all the goodies you could ever want. You could also make a nice cozy cottage like the one below.

3. Make a snowman- Do you want to make one really big snowman?

Or do you want to make your own personal army of snowmen, muahaha!?

4. Camp out in the family room - Clear out the furniture and put up your tent! Go camping, family room style. If you have a fireplace light 'er up and tell scary stories! OF course, some people go really far and make the house their tent... or maybe their tent, their house?

5. Have a pajama party game night! - Get cozy with your friends and family in your jammies and play the night away. Monopoly, Life, Hearts, Scrabble, and maybe some charades too!

Psst! Click here for these free printable games!

6. Make hot chocolate - A warm mug of hot cocoa is a must for every winter season. Whether you use a mix or heat all the ingredients on your stovetop- hot chocolate is delicious. Also, it's ok if you haven't spent 1200 years perfecting your recipe like Judy!

Whatever you decide to do, stay warm and as always,

Thank you for reading!

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