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11th Month Home Inspections: Last Chance!

1Yr Warranty Home Inspection

A 1 Yr Warranty, or 11th Month, Inspection is the best chance to find out about any longstanding defects within the home. It’s also the best time to find any new defects that occurred after moving in. This inspection takes place after the home’s been built and has time to settle, but before the warranty runs out with the builder. It’s called the 1 Yr Warranty inspection, but we strongly recommend scheduling this home inspection around 11 months after settlement.

Most warranties require that the claims be submitted, not that the repairs be made before the first year ends. 11 months generally strikes a good balance between giving the home time to show it’s more ‘colorful’ side and time to discuss claims with the builder so your home can be in the best possible shape when it becomes your responsibility.

Missing Siding from pipe exit point

Missing siding since pre-drywall. Unless fixed, moisture will enter the home.

Our written report is organized for your discussions with the builder. We keep the big ticket, builder responsibility items upfront so you don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt through the whole report. We photograph any defects we find so you and the builder can easily identify the problem areas.

Whether this is our first time inspecting your new house or the second, or the third- because you’ve taken advantage of our bundling options - we conduct an extremely thorough home inspection.  

We will check:

11th month sample report


The exterior, roof, interior, attic, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and more!

For more info on how we do a home inspection, look here.

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