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What's Your Style? Cont.

Behavior Tendencies

High "D"

Strong ego

Very impatient

Very adaptable to change

Greets fear with losing control

SUMMARY OF HIGH D's: Tend to take an active, assertive and direct approach to obtaining results. They desire: authority, challenges, prestige, freedom, varied activities, difficult assignments and opportunity for advancement.

High "I"

People oriented

Emotional, not logical

Convenient amnesia, disorganized

Fear of social disapproval


SUMMARY OF HIGH I's: Tends to approach others in outgoing, gregarious, socially aggressive manner. Also tends to be impulsive, emotional and expressive. They desire social recognition, popularity, people to talk to, freedom of speech, freedom of control and detail, and ability to help others. Should work in friendly environment.

High "S"

Loyal, patient, good listeners

Family oriented

Positive not selfish

Greatest fear - loss of security

Slow change, grumbling

SUMMARY OF HIGH S's: Tend to prefer more controlled, deliberate, predictable environment. They value disciplined behavior and security of situation. They desire status quo, identification with the group, a defined work pattern and areas of specialization.

High "C"

Perfectionist, never wrong

Hold it in, thick skin, thin face

Intuitive listen to them

Greatest fear - criticism

Love controlled environments

SUMMARY OF HIGH C's: Tend to prefer things to be done in the "Right Way," according to the book or by accepted standards. Is normally a slow and cautions decision maker. They desire security with no sudden changes, exact job descriptions, controlled work environment and reassurance. Must 

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