Daycare Radon Testing

All licensed child care providers in Delaware are required test for radon at least once every five years in between October and March. Child care facilities must also test within 6 months of renovations, remodeling, and construction. 

Testing Procedure

For a residential building being used for child care, a test should be placed in every room used for child care that is in contact with the ground, or the lowest level used for child care. 

For buildings designed for child care, every classroom on the first floor should be tested. 1/4 of classrooms on a second floor should be tested. 

A short term radon test must run for at least 48 hours in the test location. During this time windows and doors must be kept shut except for normal exit and entry. 

A qualified radon tester can help you build a procedure to ensure all State requirements are met. The button below is a list of qualified testers in Delaware.

To schedule radon testing for your child care facility please call or email us